Why Should I Attend an UnConference?

 Why Should I Attend an UnConference?

Looking for a fun, engaging event to get 2022 off to an awesome start? Wagento is hosting UnConf Florida this January — an opportunity for Magento enthusiasts and professionals to create their own unique itineraries, collaborate with others, and gain hands-on experience with projects that really matter to them. Join the Magento community in sunny Orlando, Florida on January 21 for a full day of unscheduled, exciting discussions, break-out groups, and more! 

What’s an UnConference?

An unConference can be described as a conference with no pre-scheduled agenda. All topics are suggested by the attendees, who vote on what they’d most like to participate in. Discussions occur in the spur of the moment, and dynamic groups can form based on individual interests or sheer curiosity. Essentially, an unConference is a conference catered around what you value the most. 

As an attendee, you get to suggest topics, choose which groups or sessions to join, and actively participate with your peers. If you ever feel bored or that the session isn’t relevant to you, you can simply walk away and join another group — no questions asked! This is your chance to go beyond networking and actually see what it’s like to work with other professionals in your industry niche.

How UnConferences Work

So, if there are no predetermined topics, scheduled speakers, or set agenda, how does an unConference logistically work?  

Instead of creating a lineup of presentations, topic discussions, forums, and breakout sessions ahead of time, an unConference begins by simply setting a theme for the event. For UnConf Florida 2022, the overarching theme revolves around eCommerce and Magento. Then, there are scheduled time slots to accommodate for multiple groups to happen concurrently (with plenty of coffee breaks between sessions).

The day will begin with an event facilitator giving a brief description of the theme and asking attendees what topics they would like to cover. In the broad category of eCommerce, for example, someone might want to talk specifically about D2C businesses. Another topic might be forecasting eCommerce trends for 2022. 

After selecting some of the most popular ideas, event leaders will create a few breakout rooms to go into more detail about the selected topic. Attendees can choose where they want to start, and they can always feel free to leave and join another group if they’d like. Unlike typical conferences, breakout groups don’t necessarily have to stick to the stated topic. Conversations should flow freely as ideas are shared and people get to know each other better.

Once the time is up, all the attendees gather in the main room again to share any insights that their group came up with. The whole process is informal, dynamic, and a lot of fun.

Benefits of Agenda-Free Events

Standard conferences can sometimes feel more like school than professional business events. You sign up for specific presentations and topics (sometimes months in advance), and then you mostly sit back and listen while other people do the talking. While conferences can absolutely be beneficial and fun, they might not be as engaging as you’d like them to be.

On the other hand, unConferences are totally dependent on what you and the other attendees want to do. You don’t have to stick to a schedule or feel like you have to choose between sessions. You’re completely free to wander between groups, join conversations that sound interesting, and talk about subjects relevant to your career and goals. This principle of freedom leads to plenty of additional benefits, such as:

  • Active participation. UnConference attendees get the chance to participate and collaborate with others instead of merely observing and taking notes.
  • No defined schedule. Instead of racing from one session or presentation to the next, you’ll have plenty of time between groups to network, think about what you’d like to learn about, and decide what topics you’re most interested in. The dynamic, flexible nature of an unConference allows for people to do whatever is most valuable to them.
  • Personalized experiences. The foundation of unConferences is that each attendee is in charge of how they experience the event. There are no strict rules that determine where you need to be or what you need to be doing at any given time.
  • Creative breakthroughs. Having lots of passionate people discussing ideas together in an unstructured environment is a surefire way to generate innovative ideas and discover new insights. You’ll find yourself energized by the people around you, and you’ll likely meet new friends, colleagues, and even mentors. 

Join Us at Unconf Florida

If you’re excited by the idea of an unConference, join Wagento and a community of other Magento enthusiasts in Florida this January! Click here to find more information and reserve your tickets online today. We hope to see you there!

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