Be There or Be Square.

 Be There or Be Square.

Nobody enjoys experiencing FOMO (that’s “fear of missing out” in case you didn’t know). Whether it’s a party you can’t attend, a get together with friends you have to miss, or a super cool concert that just isn’t in your budget, missing out on fun events can feel particularly mood-crushing when you see everyone else enjoying themselves at them, all while posting pictures, videos, and Instagram story play-by-plays.

Now FOMO is a part of life, but you can avoid it this coming January by attending UnConf Florida with all of the coolest people you could possibly know! Get your ticket now and save yourself regret later. UnConf will be very open and unstructured–it won’t resemble your normal “work” conference at all! You’ll be surrounded by people who are passionate about all sorts of topics, people who are excellent speakers, people who are masters in their industry, and people who just love to listen and learn.

Also, did we mention that this takes place in FLORIDA in JANUARY? Think about how you could either be scraping ice off your windshield with red, blistered knuckles before your icy morning commute OR you could be soaking up some vitamin D sans winter coat and mittens while participating in something that will engage your mind!

So be there or be square, ok? (No pressure though..but, think about it!)

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